Join us tomorrow at the meeting to see what the booster club is all about.

Posted by Andover XC on Oct 07 2020 at 07:40PM PDT


The Booster Club is in need of filling the open roles for next season, this is something that is a priority and a must for the booster club to be able to continue. Please join us tomorrow at the monthly meeting to see what the booster club is all about and learn more about the open positions. At the November meeting the retiring directors will be finishing up their terms and voting will be done for the new incoming directors. We are hopeful that the booster club will be able to be sustained and be a successful part of the Andover XC program.

Below are brief descriptions of each roles, responsibilities, and the estimated time commitment for each.

There are five officer positions:
President The President shall preside at all Booster Club meetings, shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Booster Club, shall countersign all contracts, conveyances, agreements, and other instruments of the Booster Club, and perform all such duties as are incident to the officer or properly required of the office by the voting membership. The President shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall also supervise a semi-annual internal review of the Booster Club financial records.

Treasurer The Treasurer shall maintain financial records for the Booster Club, including accounting of income and expenses, filing federal income tax report on a timely basis, keeping non-profit status in the state of Minnesota through annual renewal, and responsible for providing financial reports at Board Meetings.

Secretary The Secretary shall be responsible for the creation and distribution of the Booster Club meeting minutes and responsible for notifying all Board Members of upcoming meetings and activities.

Fundraising Director The Fundraising Director shall be responsible for selection and supervision of all fundraising activities. The Fundraising Director shall be responsible for raising funds in response to the capital expenditures needed by the Booster Club including the organization of events with the participation parents and team members.

Communication Director The Communication Director shall be responsible for managing information and communication in regards to Booster Club activities via the website, social media, and/or other outlets.

Time Commitments
o 1.5 hours/month for meeting attendance

o 1 hour/month for monthly meeting agenda
o 5-6 hour/year for activity support (parent meeting, time trials, meets, fundraising, banquet)

o 2 hours/month for meeting prep and recording meeting minutes

o 1 hour/month for general accounting details
o 1 hour/year for IRS filing, non-profit renewal, and budget creation

Fundraiser Director:
o 5 hours/year for organization of Heggies fundraiser
o Other commitments depend on activities planned

Communication Director:
o 2 hours/week for in-season communications (Aug-Oct)
o 1 hours/month for off-season communications


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